Wedding Gems

Wedding celebrations are anything but commonplace here at Tierra. Our current calendar leaves space for us to host a limited number each year - all are unique and special events.Tierra is an ideal location if you're interested in creating your own event from the ground up. Tierra Retreat facilities offer maximum flexibility and a great deal of the infrastructure you can use for the celebration. You, your families and friends get the spot to yourselves for days at a time to mix and match activities, ceremonies, dance parties, parades... creativity and festivity have been hallmarks of all our weddings here.

2025 Events and Weddings: Spring weddings at Tierra are beautiful! The wildflowers are all in bloom, all the leafy trees are a brilliant green, we don't receive hardly any rain on the east-side of the mountains, the temperature is perfect, and there is no threat of wildfires like there is later in the summer!  Check out the spring pics in our photo gallery and check our availability calendar for openings in May 2025. We also still have plenty of summer weekends open in August and September. Please e-mail Tierra Retreat Center Manager, Jen Caldwell: [email protected], for more info.